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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Doin' Da'wa, Online

Assalamualaikum and warmest regards,
It has been some time since i last added something to my English section. However, it still seems relevant as in the first posting, i did manage to attract a new audience albeit only a few. Even though some would think that specialization in blog writing is better, since focus could be given to a specific scope, i stick to the idea that touching on life as a whole and on various topics, would serve a larger purpose and give benefit to a wider audience. Choose what you will, leave out the rest!
However, i have been deeply impressed by the efforts of some, i.e Brother Fairuz, on his efforts to specialize, as in what he has done with his renung2fikir2.blogspot.com blog on comparative religion. And the purpose of this posting touches on the matter-what can i do to promote Islam to the many billions out there waiting for guidance? Well, what i have done, and can be followed by others, is simple- i opened links to blogs of Americans and the English mainly, looked up the latest posting, opened up the comment boxes and simply pasted this onto each site;

Warmest regards, just dropping by..
With a question:
Looking for peace?
Feeling empty inside?
what do you know about Islam?
Ask me, or visit www.linkstoislam.com.
Take the trouble!Thanx!!

Simple, huh? However, no one has responded yet. I guess i'll have to visit a few more hundred or so blogs. No sweat!

Why bloggers? And why the 'whitemen'?
1. Bloggers blog because they have things that they appreciate, things that they would like to share, and a meaning to life. That would make them appreciate life better and more likely to find a meaning to life.
2. Bloggers sometimes use blogs to express their feelings, especially when they are downhearted, and striking up on one such example at the right moment may cause someone to see the light.
3. The English and Americans do not know about Islam as they are rarely exposed. And thankgod, when they are exposed, they tend to study and find out.

InsyaAllah, i plan to set up a blog specially dedicated to acknowledging people about Islam, although are already available. I will keep you posted. Wassalam.


Iqqhuan said...

Assala mu'alaikum Nuril, I fully support your effort on the blog for Islam. As this is better than blogging on something that could bring damage to someone life.

I myself will try to translate my blog : http://aku-mualaf.blogspot.com/ into English article too. Just help spread the words Islam.

Iqqhuan Mustrafa Ng

nurilhakim said...

Wa'alikumussalam, Iqqhuan..
InsyaAllah i will set up the blog as soon as possible.Thanks for the support..u are the first to show a verbal support in my efforts to promote Islam to the 'naive' masses. May we step further hand in hand!

greenpower said...

SALAM... ALHAMDUNILLAH... I'm waiting for you new version blog.. i pray that u will get what u effort for n insyallah i will help u in away of giving an ideas n comments for your writing... Go for it..

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