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Thursday, November 6, 2008

English Section..


After browsing through a few other blogs i came up with the idea to introduce an English Section in my own blog, as it would reach out to a wider range of readers. It was of course, a trial effort as i know that my readers mainly used the mother tongue. I will try to limit the section to articles that involve a global picture, while that is, in the first place, one of the main reasons of my creating the section. Using English as a medium, whill enhance me to go global, compared to the small spectrum of information and area my writings cover today. I will, without hesitation, be indulged to either translate my articles into Bahasa, or even translate my Bahasa articles to English, upon request by any readers or whenever i deem necessary.

I am sure that no issues concerning the ‘degrading use of Bahasa’, ‘neo-colonialisme of the mind’ and so on will arise. I recall the answer Datuk Idris Haron gave when a new student, if i remember correctly was Safwan, bravely stood up to him during the student-MOHE orientation week, and asked why the MOHE was not moving towards making Bahasa the lingua-franca of the world. Datuk Idris then, before answering, asked the student how many languages he mastered, leaving the student perplexed. He then convincingly addressed the crowd that before hoping to put Bahasa somewhere so high, we first must master other languages, without just hoping that our own will rise to the top. Another student bravely managed to prove the cause a bit later on, when he managed to communicate with Datuk Idris in Bahasa, Arabic, English and Japanese, even tossing in a bit of his mother tongue, Dusun into the deal. That same student today is a rising student leader in the new cabinet of the Students Representative Council.

Thus i formally declare, the launching of the English Section in nurilhakim. Happy reading.


Anonymous said...

hmm... i have go across many blogs sailing throughoutly hoping to find something that can hook my eyes off. Perhaps, (in my opinion) language does not matter. Like the one i met using 'pinyin' in his blog. i do not remember who, but i found it under 'bismillah' blog or something... very icy... keep looking forword...

greenpower said...

alhamdunillah.... good job n wish u will continue your articels in the way to seperate Islam. Nowdays, language very important and its react as a medium to transmessage...so go for it...


salam.if i'm not mistaken, the STUDENT is Akhi Azizul Julirin right?

nurilhakim said...

Salam to all..
Thanx for your support..
You are not mistaken, mukhlisin aminin..it was him who made us proud that night..when does your turn come? :)

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