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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Dream Team

The air started to get thin. My legs were cramped and my head felt light. I swallowed a few times to ease the pressure, and then closed my eyes. My thoughts started to wander..

A white Myvi stopped in front of Subang Parade. It was peak hour. Amidst the honking cars and shouting drivers trying to return home after a good day’s work, a voice called out my name. A turned my head. Ridhwan Fadhil smiled at me and I smiled back. His face hadn’t changed much. I got into the car and saw that he was accompanied by Ammar Micro and Syakir Uzair who was driving. We headed for USJ5.

I didn’t remember where in the narrative I started to doze off, but everytime I was jolted awake glimpses of MYCamp ’09 passed through my mind.

The participants bellowing out the theme song as if it was a rock and roll, the shock at seeing a vast number of my juniors, the present generation of my alma-mater wearing shorts to sleep and exposing a lot of hairy knees and bellybuttons, the unnerving meetings that always ended in the middle of the morning and the ceramahs that were slaundered with technical problems. But what I remembered best, what appeared most vividly in my mind were the faces involved in running the programme. Those who we had nurtured and cared for, those we had taken the liberty of sharing what little experiences and knowledge we had, proudly proved that our efforts were not futile. They worked and slved like horses, doing everything they could and offering a helping hand in every way they could without even so much as a mumble. Luqman, Syazwan, Fadil Husaini, Nidzam, Sohaib and the earlier Ridhwan Fadil, Syakir and Ammar Micro, Amir Afwan, Jawad, aided by Hafiz, Yusri, Nas, Iqbal, Jabir, the UTP brothers and the organizers Fathi and Khabir, besides the women, made the programme possible. Without doubt it was the company which I cherished the most and which made the trip back to the peninsular to attend the programme worthwhile. If i were to open up a consultant, these would be the ones i would seek out..

There was a big bump, the cabin door opened and I stepped out of the plane, inhaling a big gulp of fresh air. The best air in the world.

I was back in Sabah.


nextGEN said...

last time i've checked,my name was ammar adam..never remembered changing it..hehe

nurilhakim said...

Just stay cute and don't complain 'bout it ok ;)

Muhammad Syakir Uzair bin Mohd Azman said...

that is really a cute name,ama...
maybe we can use other cuter name after this...
maybe ammar nano or ammar pico...
hak3..jus kidding...

to Bro Nadir...
welcome back 2 sabah...
a very nice post it is...

u'r big bro said...

don't forget u'r comel name,
it was 'wiwi',
nadir wiwi

-man ana- said...

where is my pic? :D..juz passing by ur post..alhamdulillah.Allah will ask about what we do to disperse the real teaching of islam..not the result..so keep up the efforts..we(the juniors) will support u from the back..insyaAllah.."intansurullaha yansurkum wayuthabbit aqdamakum" "If u help Allah(Ad-deen), He will help u and strenghten ur stance".Aasifni for not joining 100% in mycamp 09, i`ve another prgram to be attended. InsyaAllah, next time..ilalliqa`..

nurilhakim said...

Salam all,
Thanx Syakir, waiting for you to come here as a daie for good!

Big bro, don't naughty2, what starts in our household stays there ;)

Man ana, ana mutaassifah..lama memikir nama sapa ttinggal tp tak dpt recall, rupanya enta n jawad pla..t ana edit..gmbr?alamak. tak dpt a. xbnyk ambk gmbr hrtu. kita pn tak tringt nk amek grup pic ;(

Muhammad Syakir Uzair bin Mohd Azman said...

juz get a flight ticket 4 me..
and i will be there in a blink of eyes..
hehe..juz kidding..
insyaAllah bro..

iman said...

salam ziarah..
ada masa lawat blog ana

semenanjung said...

.....and with that big gulp of sabah fresh air, nadir is back with a vengeance, and his load of excess luggage and keropok lekur.

Say thank u 2 the kakak who took your little box...Just make sure everything gets sold and the money put to good use.

Tahniah & takziah atas lantikan jawatan baru. Jangan lupa asas2 dan rukun bekerja dalam jamaah...

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